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New Feature: Task Assignments

If you’re working with an assistant or a second shooter, knowing individual responsibilities is crucial for client work being delivered on time.

We’re happy to announce one of our most requested features: Task assignment. You can now assign tasks to another team member in fotoClient.

In addition, we also improved filtering in tasks. Stay focused by showing only tasks assigned to you, just the tasks due this week, or you might want to see a comprehensive list of all tasks.

By default, all the tasks are sorted by due date and the overview graph still shows a useful overview of how long each task will take to complete.

This update empowers  your whole team be more productive and focused on your 2016 business goals.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.33.43 PMYou can try this out today

New: Track new business with customizable lead sources

A couple weeks ago, we launched the new version of fotoClient. It’s gotten great feedback and we couldn’t be more thrilled! But we’re not the type to sit still. We’ve been hard at work over the holiday season on some great new features and also spent time polishing up Lead Sources.

Lead sources are the primary way that a client found your business. For a while now, the default Lead Sources was Facebook, Instagram, Networking, Twitter, and Website. This might have worked for the majority of users but we needed and wanted to improve it.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out the ability to customize your lead sources. So what’s new?

Customizable Lead Sources

First, we made the lead sources completely flexible. You now have the freedom to add and remove lead sources that no longer apply or you aren’t interested in tracking. There is no limit on how many Lead Sources you can create.

Lead Source Types


Effectively Track Word of Mouth

Second, when you select a Word of Mouth as a lead source, you now have the option to create the contact profile for the source. Word of Mouth is still the most trusted form of marketing. We believe this will provide the most accurate insight about who is sending you business.

word of mouth


Try the new features

We think the added flexibility of customizable Lead Sources and tracking Word of Mouth sources will be useful for a lot of folks. Let us know what you think on twitter (@fotoclient) or send us an email (