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The easiest way for photographers to stay organized, productive, and profitable. Contacts, Invoices, Tasks, and more. All the tools you need.

Get Things Done


Customize fotoClient to the way you work


Never miss a beat with clients, current or future


Keep track of your shoots, jobs, and projects


All your email discussions about an event in one location


Conveniently bill clients via email and track payments and balances


Manually added or automatically generated based on a workflow

Make informed decisions


Start with the current overview of your business


Dig deeper to gain insight into the health of your business.


Store critical information about an Event

Bring it all together

Lead Capture Form

Embed a block of code into your website and have new leads drop right into fotoClient.

External Tool Integration

fotoClient works with Google Calendars, Dropbox and more.

Email Integration

Connect a variety of email clients to provide superior support right from inside the app.


Add photos, documents, and more from Google Drive, Dropbox and more with secure cloud storage.


Keep your clients, vendors, and partner information organized


Track shoots and events all in one convenient location

Get more done, make more money.

fotoClient takes the pain out of running a photography business. By having all the tools needed to run your business in one place, fotoClient simplifies your life so you can be happy again.

Explore Features

Have clarity on what to work on next and how long it will take.

Tasks can be attached to an event, lead, contact, or be a stand alone item. To see Tasks supercharged, I recommend building out your workflow. This will automatically create tasks for you and eliminate a need to waste time creating the same tasks over and over.

Conveniently bill clients via email and track payments and balances.

Receive your invoice payments faster when you integrate with Stripe to accept credit card payments directly from the invoices you send through fotoClient.

When is the money transferred to my account?

Money is transferred to your account in a 2-day rolling basis directly from Stripe (fotoClient does not handle the money).

Visual overview to gain insight into the health of your business

Having useful and correct information is key in helping you make decisions that are crucial to the success of your business. We created reports to allow you to pull information from all of the data you enter into fotoClient.

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  • 10 Events
  • 5 Workflows
  • 500 MB Uploads
  • 1 User
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  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • 2 GB Uploads
  • 2 Users
  • Unlimited Digital Invoicing
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  • Unlimted Events
  • Unlimited Workflows
  • 10 GB Uploads
  • 5 Users
  • Unlimited Digital Invoicing
  • Phone Support
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